David Tuveson, MD, PhD

David Tuveson, M.D., Ph.D. David Tuvseon is the director of the Cancer Center and Cancer Therapeutics Initiative at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), where he also serves as the Roy J. Zuckerberg Professor of Cancer Research, the director of the Lustgarten Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Laboratory, and the Lustgarten Foundation’s Director of Research. Dr. Tuveson is a recognized leader in the study of pancreatic cancer and the role of the tumor microenvironment in promoting tumor growth. During his postdoctoral years, he co-developed KIT inhibitors for gastrointestinal stromal tumors with George Demetri, and created several KRAS- dependent mouse cancer models with Tyler Jacks. His lab also generated the first mouse models of ductal pancreatic cancer at the University of Pennsylvania. AT CSHL, Dr. Tuveson pioneered the development of human organoid models of pancreatic cancer, and his team is using these models to explore early detection methods and new therapeutic strategies. He earned his undergraduate degree from MIT, and received both his medical degree and doctorate degree from Johns Hopkins University.