The SRF388 program

About the target
IL-27 is an immunosuppressive cytokine involved in resolving T cell mediated inflammation. Recent data points to IL-27 as a master regulator of the expression of co-inhibitory receptors expressed on CD4+ and CD8+ T cells. Elevated levels of IL-27 transcripts and mRNA gene signatures are found in cancer and are associated with poor prognoses.

About our antibody candidate
SRF388 is a fully human anti-IL-27 antibody designed to inhibit the activity of this immunosuppressive cytokine. Surface Oncology has identified particular tumor types where IL-27 appears to play an important role in the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment and may contribute to resistance to treatment with checkpoint inhibitors. Furthermore, Surface Oncology has identified a potential biomarker associated with IL-27 that may be useful in helping identify patients most likely to respond to SRF388. It is the first IL-27 antibody to enter the clinic.

Clinical trial information
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Compassionate Use Statement
Expanded access, or compassionate use, is the use of an investigational medicine prior to regulatory approval and outside of a clinical trial.

Surface Oncology does not currently have an expanded access program or compassionate use program for any of our investigational products.

We understand that for patients with serious diseases such as cancer, waiting for an approved treatment can be difficult. We believe that devoting ourselves to current and future clinical trial programs provides the best path to meet our goal of providing therapeutics to patients with cancer.

We encourage you to speak with your physician about options that may be right for you.