Our Science

Our Approach

Understanding the Tumor Microenvironment – The scientific team at Surface Oncology combines its deep understanding of tumor immunology with the expertise of our highly-engaged scientific advisors to generate novel insights on how to re-activate the suppressive tumor microenvironment. We use the well-established therapeutic approach of monoclonal antibodies to explore novel, exciting tumor biology. Our approach is producing a deeper understanding of tumor immunobiology and enabling development of best-in-class therapeutic programs.

Diverse Therapeutic-quality Antibodies – Surface Oncology takes an aggressive approach to generating diverse, highly-specific antibodies against multiple epitopes that allow us to probe and discover novel tumor biology (Antibody-Activity Relationship). Surface utilizes multiple antibody generation platforms – in parallel. We have established relationships with several best-in-class antibody technology partners, including yeast display, phage display, B cell capture, humanized mouse, and DNA vaccination. Our antibody discovery approach generates therapeutic-quality antibodies, as well as unique tools to explore the biology of the tumor microenvironment.

Immunoglobulin G antibody molecule

Patient Enrichment – Surface Oncology is not only committed to developing best-in-class therapeutics, but also to bring lasting benefit to patients. Our deep understanding of the tumor microenvironment, combined with our computational analyses of patient’s data enables us to create novel insights into patient selection. These insights will help us to design and execute more efficient clinical trials to bring more cures to patients suffering from cancer.

Patient Enrichment