Life @ Surface

We are a diverse and dedicated team of researchers, physicians, advocates and industry veterans united by a mission to break through for patients.

SURFers are drawn to challenge, driven by curiosity and inspired to innovate. Central to our culture is an emphasis on learning and growth — in our daily work, in our approach to collaboration and in our commitment to never lose sight of the importance of our work to the patients who may benefit.

At our core, SURFers believe in and embody courage, community and integrity in our effort to break through the most complex challenges in cancer drug development.

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We rise to the challenge and break through to new ground by taking bold risks and learning from both our successes and failures to advance new insights and possibilities for patients.


We are persistent, rigorous and authentic with a strong commitment to the highest standards of scientific practice.


We thrive on an inclusive and supportive team environment that learns together and is focused on trust in other’s abilities and respect for individual differences.

Meet the SURFers

“Our team is made up of some of the smartest, most driven people I have ever had the opportunity to work with.”

- Matt

“Working at Surface is like riding a Ferrari with your best friends. We do cutting-edge research but we do it with style and celebrate everything!”

- Sonia

“Surface’s culture continues to create a great environment where everyone wants to work hard to achieve our goals.”

- Rachel

“I love our team’s camaraderie and ‘can-do’ spirit.”

- Marisa

“At Surface we work hard, but we have a lot of fun doing it. I laugh out loud at work at least once a day.”

- Andi

“I love working at Surface because every day is a new challenge.”

- Nicole

“At Surface, I know my work is appreciated, and there is an environment of respect and teamwork towards a common goal.”

- Karen

“Everyone at Surface Oncology is down to earth, valued as an employee and treated fairly with respect no matter your title.”

- Krisha

“I get immense satisfaction from conducting clinical trials and analyzing clinical data generated while treating cancer patients.”

- Abhay

“This team makes me smile every day. We care about each other and about improving the lives of cancer patients. If you must work, work somewhere you like to be!”

- Lisa

“I really enjoy the time I spend with the people at Surface. From day one, I’ve felt like a valued member of the team.”

- Natalie

“Surface has a unique blend of strong performers who are kind and empathetic and willing to take time to coach and listen. A true team atmosphere.”

- Paul

“There is a strong sense of community and common purpose that embodies the culture at Surface and makes it such a great place to work.”

- Ben

“I love the focus on personalized immunotherapy in oncology.”

- Rob

“There is nothing more exciting to me than bringing new treatment options into the clinic! I am thrilled to be a part of the team at Surface.”

- Shannon

“Our team is passionate about making a difference for those affected by cancer.”

- Jeff

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11 Jul 2019

Join Us to Break Through for People with Cancer

Excited about the prospect of joining a community that is learning and working together to develop a new generation of cancer immunotherapies? Explore our open positions below. Don’t see a job that’s right for you, but still interested in joining the team? Send your resume to

In addition to competitive compensation and generous, comprehensive benefits, life at Surface offers a mission-driven, collaborative culture that recognizes and celebrates achievement, promotes excellence and offers multiple opportunities for growth.