About Surface Oncology

About Surface OncologyThe Tumor Microenvironment Company – Surface Oncology is developing new therapies that modify the spaces in and around tumors (the “tumor microenvironment”) to create conditions that support and sustain anti-tumor immune responses.

Many Patients Don’t Benefit from Current Treatments – Recent advances in understanding how the immune system fights cancer has created a first wave of immunotherapies with profound benefits for some patients. These first-generation therapies, which target “checkpoint inhibitors”, have been groundbreaking, but only a small set of patients is deriving long-term benefit. Why don’t these therapies work for more patients? A critical reason is the tumor microenvironment, which effectively turns off the immune response rather than sustaining it.

Bringing More Cures to Patients Suffering from Cancer – We are leveraging our deep understanding of tumor biology to target factors and cells within the tumor that effectively turn off the patient’s anti-tumor immune response. Our broad attack on the tumor microenvironment has the potential to convert patients’ non-responsive ‘cold’ tumors into immune-active ones. We are committed to developing a pipeline of next-generation immunotherapies that deliver lasting benefits to patients suffering from cancer as quickly as possible.

Our Partners – Headquartered in the heart of Cambridge’s Kendall Square, Surface Oncology was supported by an industry-leading syndicate of venture investors and has entered a global strategic collaboration with Novartis to advance several of its next-generation cancer immunotherapies.