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About Surface OncologyThe Surface Difference – We’re driven to break through and deliver transformational outcomes for people with cancer who have no effective treatment options. Integrating our deep understanding of cancer biology with insight-driven target validation and translational capabilities moves us closer every day to this goal.

Many Patients Don’t Benefit from Current Treatments – Recent advances in understanding how the immune system fights cancer has created a first wave of immunotherapies with profound benefits for some patients. These first-generation therapies, which target “checkpoint inhibitors”, have been groundbreaking, but only a small set of patients is deriving long-term benefit. Why don’t these therapies work for more patients? A critical reason is the tumor microenvironment, which effectively turns off the immune response rather than sustaining it.

Breaking Through The Frontiers Of Immuno-Oncology Research – We are leveraging our deep understanding of tumor biology to target factors and cells within the tumor that effectively turn off the patient’s anti-tumor immune response. Our diverse clinical and preclinical pipeline of immune-enhancing antibody candidates target the innate and adaptive arms of the immune system to deliver dramatically different therapies for patients and their families.

Our Partners – Headquartered in the heart of Cambridge’s Kendall Square, Surface Oncology was supported by an industry-leading syndicate of venture investors and has entered a global strategic collaboration with Novartis to advance several of its next-generation cancer immunotherapies.

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Pushing further with partners

In January 2016, Surface entered into a broad strategic collaboration with Novartis to advance our next-generation cancer immunotherapies. The collaboration reflects our shared commitment to developing immunotherapies focused on the tumor microenvironment and bringing new therapies to cancer patients.

Under the agreement, Novartis currently has access to up to three of Surface’s cancer immunotherapies, including an exclusive worldwide license to our fully human CD73 antibody, SRF373, and options to license up to two additional programs. Surface has received an upfront payment of $70M from Novartis and is entitled to potential option purchase, option exercise and development and sales milestones which could amount to $1.17 billion as well as tiered royalties.

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